a web-site where fans can act as any of the warriors cats. based of the books by Erin hunter.
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 Wildpaw's cat creation

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PostSubject: Wildpaw's cat creation   Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:04 am

Cat name: Wildpaw
She-cat or tom: tom
What books in the series have you read: about half the books, reading starlight now and just finished dawn and code of the clans.
Favourite warrior in the series: Bramleclaw
Personality: loyal to his clan although he would do much to help others. Ready for a fight if needed and loves a bit of action.
Discription: Black and white tom, mostly black, but has a white muzzle, paws and under-belly. Thin and sleak, fast runner, and has muscle.
Why did you register for this site: Warriors is one of my favourite series and i just love the plain action that happens in every book.
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Wildpaw's cat creation
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