a web-site where fans can act as any of the warriors cats. based of the books by Erin hunter.
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 Ashtail Creation

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PostSubject: Ashtail Creation   Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:55 am

Cat Name: Ashtail
She-cat or tom: She-Cat
What books in the series have you read: I've read all of them so far. Right now, I'm reading Fading Echoes.
Favorite warrior in the series: ASHFUR OF THUNDERCLAN!!!! (Don't day I'm stupid because I like him.)
Personality (of cat): Very shy, lonely, and quiet. Has pure hope and love. Very friendly, kind, intelligent, and wise. Has a strong connection with StarClan. An exellent fighter and hunter. Very good with herbs even though he's never been a medicine cat. Very loyal. Friendly to kits. Cunning and strong. A deadly fighter. Will protect his Clan and family with his life. Extremely fast, runs in a blur.
Description: A small light gray tom. He also has a mark on his side that looks like fire. He has sharp claws and sharp teeth. His right eye is dark blue, and his left eye is red. If you look closely in his left eye, it looks more like a wolf eye than a cat eye. She has a badly torn left ear. He's considered cute for a warrior. He's almost the size of a new apprentice.
Why did you decide to register for this site: WARRIORS IS AWESOME!!!
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Ashtail Creation
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